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 Is there any way that I can disapear Outlaw60? (13)

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Is there any way that I can disapear Outlaw60?

Other sites have a feature that allows you to block someone so that you'll never again see one of their posts.  I'd love to have that feature here so I'd never again see another idiotic post from this moron troll.

I realized that this site is mainly for trolls but can we at least have a feature like that?

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Thanks! Have you used that script? If you have I have a question:

If I install it, will I be able to turn it on and off?

Last question: Is there a script that would make trolls die for real?

Mingiwuwu(1469) Clarified
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Don't ask the last question. It's not funny to threaten to murder somebody over an online rivalry.

I don't know about the on and off thing and no I haven't used it.

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I always see his posts, I see them on almost every debate, no one even acknowledges the poor kid, i don't know why he bothers.