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 Is there good evidence for accomplished breathatarianism? (5)

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Is there good evidence for accomplished breathatarianism?

How long do they live if they exist
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No there's no credible evidence meaning its bullshit , but no doubt it being you who ask the question you totally believe it , like you think Dynamo and David Blaines Magic acts are because they're in league with demons 👌

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If that were possible then no one would ever die of starvation in the history of the world. They would merely have been forced into a diet against their will. But there is always plenty of air to feed on, so they should all still be alive then.

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Hello J:

How long do they live??? Bout 10 days... It's easier to just slit your wrists.. Dying of thirst is very painful.


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Painful? More like... it's so painless and slow (but attention-grabbing) that it's boring.

It'd be much more painful to somehow be ripped apart, or be electrocuted, or impaled, or drowned... and similar things.

jeffreyone(1368) Clarified
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10days too short, science doesn't support it, even i could do that.

But late 2016,a pastor said he wanted to challenge jesus but he died on the 36th day.

5Years ago, i watched a video documentary of a monk who took a vow of closing his eyes for 10years because he said was looking for an answer and he claimed to have seen it the sky the day he opened his eyes and he never ate(proper food) , he stayed in a forest. blind men can't hunt plus he is a monk and must be vegetarian(yet cannot see right vegetables), it's like he drank from a stream and not regularly(usually praying , soul travelling).

Current barbie doll plastic surgery imitation in twenty 2016 claimed is gradually rehearsing being breatharian as she only drunk water.

There are claims and i want good evidence not general opinions.

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Thanks for showing me some new nonsense to laugh at. I'm both open minded and skeptical on everything but when the practitioners refuse or fail reasonable testing they're clearly charlatans.