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Is there, one, Creator, God?


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Justifying Morality:

A) The existence of moral dilemmas/debates means one of two things - either there is no objective morality, or there is one that humans cannot reliably access.

B) It is obvious to see how our tribal morality could have developed as a result of evolution favoring cooperative competition; it is not obvious how it could spring from the creation of an omnibenevolent being.

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Unmoved mover:

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Heaven, etc.

He provides no reason to leap from something that exists eternally to something with intention, something marginally good much less completely good, something that you can be with after death, etc., etc.

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Is there, one, Creator, God?

This is answered in the unmoved mover philosophical argument which is used to satisfy the fallacy of an infinite regression of causes. regress

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There are several models of eternal existence that don't require a "god":

part of an eternal multiverse, a cyclical universe, Hartle-Hawking state, our universe as a black hole in a larger eternal universe, Chaotic Inflation, etc. etc.

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It is well-known that seemingly random stimuli can result in superstitious behavior:

At a time when humans understood little about the world, they were prone to creating gods to provide explanations.

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No, there are five. Their names are Go, Fuck, Your, Self, and Please.

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