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They are dumb as rocks So a kid was raped? FOOTBALL!
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Is there something mentally wrong with the kids at Penn State?

So from what I can gather their god Paterno heard about some kid getting literally fucked in the ass by one of his coaches and did jack all about it. Hence they fired him.

Now my first reaction is that he should be hung from a goal post by his balls. I don't care that he didn't do it, I care he didn't do anything about it. Everyone who knew should be looking at jail time IMO.

However, you have these kids protesting "wah they fired the coach, wah."

Really? Their goddamn football games are more important than little boys getting raped?

I say fuck Penn State, their entire program. Suspend them from playing any sport for the next five years and fire every single person in the football program and start from scratch.

It's a game for christsake.

Maybe I'm wrong. Anyone care to defend the creepy old man who doesn't care if kids are getting raped?

They are dumb as rocks

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So a kid was raped? FOOTBALL!

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Interesting when you think about, The Pope not only knew about hundreds of cases of child molestation, but actively tried to cover it up. Apparently football coaches are held to a higher moral standard than the Goddamn Pope.

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Wasn't aware that rocks had any cognitive abilities.

It is truly pathetic that something like this happens. The entire school and program should be ashamed and demoralized, the football program should be cut for at least for one year because the highest officials knew about it and did nothing.

Those students are mentally stupid and have no respect for private property. They destroyed a news van.

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Obviously, if football is more important than the protection of children, then these sick of bitches need their head checked.

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