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Is there something smaller than a quantum string?

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Yes, it's called Nomenclature's cock. .

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loopynutter(67) Disputed
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If his dick behaves like a quantum string, it would have 0 thickness yet it could be miles long.

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A smaller quantum string.*

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Factology(410) Disputed
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A smaller quantum string.

The question is are there things smaller than quantum strings and smaller quantum strings still count as quantum strings.

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Alright, I'm a first year physics student at university, and if there's one things I've learned it is that people who don't REALLY understand physics (myself included) shouldn't be arguing about things like this. Maybe you actually have a PhD in physics or something, in which case, you can dismiss what I am saying.

Either way, you're in the wrong place. The website 'Physics stack exchange' is where you want to go if you really want a serious answer to a question like this.

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