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Is this a logical way to live one's life?

Earlier this night, I heard an argument on how to live one's life. And so, I am posting it here to get the opinions of everyone. And, so, I quote:

"When your house is straight, there is order in every part of your life. You make sure that every thing in your world is straight when ur house is in order. Always keep your house & every thing around you, dishes, laundry, relationships, siblings, parents, love for yourself & life in general. order. As long as there is order around you, you will have the greatest life ever."

This is word for word and I apologize if the person was being unclear, but I wish not to add my own interpretation into the mix.

My opinion: Some of the stupidest stuff I've ever heard. Now, what's yours?


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As with any philosophy, it has to be personal one. This may work for a person because they believe it to work.

My life thrives on disorder, because it is the nature of my business.

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I'm an engineer so I like it when things are in order. I also like to say stupid things so.... ;)

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Thats the "Aneristic" illusion, gobble gobble.

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