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America is an easy touch. How dare B.C., challenge us!
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Is this the result of the drug cartel's accurate perception of ''Biden's New America''?

Images of the 'The drug Cartels' shooting at a U.S., Border Station in Roma, Texas are just in and being shown on  ''INDEPENDENT BROADCATING OUTLETS''.
As this shocking development clearly illustrates how THE DRUG AND PEOPLE TRAFFICKING FILTH now feel fearless of the U.S., law enforcement agencies due to an insignificant YELLOW-BELLIED SPARROW FART sitting in the White House it is most unlikely that the mainstream, LEFTIST CONTROLLED MEDIA will show or report this incident.

America is an easy touch.

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How dare B.C., challenge us!

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This will be the start of the criminal greaser's terrorist war on our southern border states and the heralding of the assassinations of our demoralized, under-appreciated and under manned U.S., Customs and Border Protection personnel.

Just as Bumbling Biden's shambolic handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal cost the lives of 13 of our troops so will his left-wing policies cause further deaths of our Border Protection Agencies.

We can no longer glibly dismiss Biden's CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE as the actions of a gentle, senile old grandfather but must realize that he is a DANGEROUS PIECE OF LEFT-WING FILTH WHO IS CAUSING THE LIVES OF OUR SERVICE PERSONNEL.

Side: America is an easy touch.
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In Bungling Biden's hysterical stampede to undo what Trump had achieved he repealed many Executive Orders and penned dozens of his own.

Bungling Biden's Blinders include;-

The cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline,

The embarrassingly chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan,

The annulment of the highly successful agreement between the Mexican government and the U.S., that saw the illegals waiting within Mexico while their immigration applications for citizenship were being considered.

The statement that no-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT would be prosecuted for not having the required documentation was the GREEN LIGHT for the dregs of the failed nations of the world to head for easy-touch America.

It would be literally impossible to list the catalogue of disastrous catastrophes which Biden has caused but their results are being made painfully clear every day.

Side: How dare B.C., challenge us!