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 Is today's society being brainwashed ? (4)

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Is today's society being brainwashed ?

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Today's society is already brainwashed. The Marxists entered our culture and taught a generation to be sloppy ass stupid.

Mingiwuwu(1471) Clarified
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Your first sentence was/is correct.

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Today's society is more brainwashed than ever before. Back in the 60's, people didn't have TVs and therefore couldn't be effectively brainwashed. Once the 90's rolled around, people were being brain washed in masses by TV. By the 2000's, and the introduction of the internet, anyone who wasn't brain washed by TV was being brainwashed by Google. You'd be surprised at how deep the brainwashing is. For example, there are literally college educated people out there saying that coffee is good for you. They don't stop for a minute and think maybe what they read was being sponsored by the coffee industry.

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Is today's society being brainwashed ?

Hello L:

Putin, and his army of hackers and bots, have INDEED brainwashed the right wing. They're STILL doing it. The Russians have always wanted to DESTROY our country.. They just didn't know how easy it was.

Lemme ask you this.. If you HAVE been BRAINWASHED, would you know it??


All one has to do is watch the Liberal biased entertainment and news outlets and there in lies the brainwashing.

A parent can not sit down with their child to watch a singing show like "The Voice", without getting bombarded with political pro LGBT indoctrination.

The Left wants to force every public school to transform their bathrooms to allow so called Transgender boys in our daughter's bathrooms.

This Political Correct extremism is everywhere and our children are their targets.

Yes, you are correct, our society is being brainwashed ever since this so called Progressive movement took power in our Government and courts.