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 Is war inevitable given human nature? (10)

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Is war inevitable given human nature?

To clarify, I think we can all agree that the defining traits of humans are such:
- Passion
- Greed
- Hate
- Innovation
- Intelligence

Please note that these are not equally expressed in individuals, rather the population.

1 - No trolling
2 - No ad hominem
3 - Empirical evidence
4 - No profanity
I am the judge of these rules and I will not hesitate to ban people.

War - (Noun) A state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.

Inevitable - (Adj) Certain to happen; unavoidable.

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2 points

History indicates yes. And resources just keep becoming more scarce, and greed and need just keep increasing, so I don't see any time in our present lifetimes that the whole world will simply rest in peace.

And if you don't think this is enough of an answer, tough. This site has been very slow lately. Take what you can get. Or go start a war.

2 points

People by nature seek change and improvement. Given that there are finite resources war is often the best approach

The ones that will win, per survival of the fittest are the Muslims. No other culture is united behind the words of a psychopath who is infallable in the belief set. Psychopathy wins in a war between cultured and uncultured. The whole world will become Islamic, per its intolerance by force upon anyone non-Muslim. And with Liberalism's blind eye to such reality, the environment is ripe for their picking. War is coming. Get ready.

NathanAbbey(4) Disputed
2 points

You say this but the Muslims have been around for centuries and have made no progress in 'taking over the world' as you have said. Beyond this point, it is unfathomable to believe that this is Islams aim in the world, to argue that it is because of the actions of a few radical extremists would be highly uneducated. Most high ranking Muslims throughout the world condone the acts of these moronic people who view the Quran and Islam as a war mongering religion, because Muslims are a peaceful people, as peaceful as Christians. All you need to do is watch the reaction of dominant Muslims to horrific terror attacks and you will understand they are as against these extremists as us. Watch some Muhammad Ali videos on Youtube of him talking about Islam, or maybe the recent debate that went on at Oxford University about Islam and its position in the world and maybe you will become more educated on the matter my friend.

Iacov(68) Disputed
1 point

Don't forget the schisms within Islam such as Sunni vs Shia. Just as Christianity has many denominations so to does Islam.

1 point

Unfortunately war is an inevitable contest as long as people remain on this earth. The contrasting societies in this world are all based upon principles that promote segregation of others, granted this segregation is not as prominent as it once may have been, however people like Donald Trump even if not his aim, bring this back to what it was. Every society has its own norms and values, whether that be to do with religion, family structure and of course political outlooks leading to division within society, with division comes the desire to be on top. Many wars are started by one group asserting their dominance over the others, power is desired by all and fuelled by every humans greed.

1 point

Do we have us a Totalitarian Progressive onboard ! Wanting to throw some weight around sitting behind a keyboard ! ROTFFLMMFAO

1 point

It has been my experience that people in every social category will be competing for dominance and trying to establish their position as high up the pecking order as possible.

In the world of business it is nigh impossible to succeed in the rat race without being a rat.

The lesson is soon learned that the aggressive, ruthless backstabbers will, propelled by their single minded burning ambition achieve their goals.

In politics the same principles apply, only the potential stakes can be much higher.

Once a certain type of person, normally a sociopathic megalomaniac such as Hitler, Stalin or Kim Jong-Un, is in a position of power he/she, usually he, will strive to consolidate and extend their dominance and will eliminate any threat or potential threat, either real or imagined.

They will use the power of their military forces to subdue any domestic dissent and to assert their dominance over other nations to satisfy their insatiable lust for power and supremacy.

Every nation on earth have those within their populations who are capable of committing the horrors which occurred in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.

It is enormously more difficult for such people to come to power in democracies, although it should be noted that Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist Worker's Party was voted into office by the German people in a democratic election.

The only question is, when will another Hitler appear?

Yes unless when some evil group starts the war they are completely exterminated from this earth...

Then you may eventually stop it.

1 point

It's absolutely inevitable. We can learn a lot from history and - correct me if I'm wrong - but there has never been a time in recorded history in which there wasn't some type of war. I can't speak for other countries, but in the US it seems attempts are constantly being made to erase history. As an example, look back at the attempt to remove Woodrow Wilson's name from Princeton buildings. Yes, Wilson was a racist jerk (best I could think of without profanity), but he is part of our history and it is irresponsible to obliterate it. If I were walking with my child and she asked me who Wilson was, I now have an opportunity to teach her something new. I know it's a bit cliche, but if you don't know your history, you're bound to repeat it.