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Is war is the only solution for taking a decision?

Is the ultimte decision can only be taken by the outcome after a war...! Can't it be handled without sacrificing soo many of lives!


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I believe war can be eliminated if nationstates decide that for the greatest good for the greatest number of people and for ultimately the altruistic benefit of our species it would be wise to abandon a multi government world and create a global unity government, a federal government of nation states.

Where instead of competing like Rats and Locusts for natural resources and third world nations to exploit, nations cooperate, pooling and re distributing resources fairly and sustainably.

With a centralised federal world government that can make real decisions...and not just 'bring change' change isnt always good is it?...what we need is progress.

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Luckdog(4) Disputed
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everything you said would be really great if we lived in a perfect world, but lets be honest, we don't. The creation of a federal world government as you say would never work for one reason in particular, and that is everyone is different. all the different counties have different religions, different society's and different laws, and to think for example Iran is just going to drop what there doing and join the US with this "world Government" IS LUDACRIS. so in other words, their will never be a united government which means there will always be wars.

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If war was the only solution for taking a decision than we would have died long ago. We created the United Nations, European Union, et cetera precisely so we don't bring out the guns every time we get into a little spat.

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It isn't the only solution, but it is a solution.

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War only causes death and destruction. War should be averted always.

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Well it seems to be by officials, most decisions they seem to have to make end up with war :P

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