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No, it's not . Yuck, porn
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Is watching Pornography bad?

I know some 90% of guys watch it whatever said and done.

Some people go all "EWWWww, how could you" or "Gross".

I watch gay porn. So whatever, My opinion is porn is ok . Infact awesome if you are not in a relationship and rely on your hand. lol

I also read somewhere it distorts a persons view on sex, and relationships and makes a person more addicted, and distracted, although many things can be an addiction and it's up to the person to filter how much is deemed normal in ones life.

Anyways what's your stance on it?

No, it's not .

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Yuck, porn

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I don't think it's bad. But, pornography that is shot on will is always better than the one's done in secrecy.

Anyway, Porn isn't bad. If they had no problem doing it on camera... You shouldn't have a problem watching it!

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Pornography is not a bad thing, it's up to the person if they want to watch it or not. There are couples who watch it together and maybe pick up things to do among their own relationship. I happen to not like watching porno but thats my choice it has nothing to do with it being ewwwwwww just not something I'm into.

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Some reason I knew that you were going to respond to this debate.

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LOL why is that .

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wth no. porn teaches us new ideas and teaches us how to have sex, and therefore teaches us how to reproduce and hence can keep the population running.

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Porn creates unrealistic views of women, womens roles in relationships, sex in general, and eager men lap it up. These views then change how they treat women (or other men), often with negative effects. That said, I am strongly against any movement to ban porn (ahem ... Santorum), as the benefits outweigh the negatives. I do find it unfortunate that the negatives don't go to those who gain the benefits (vast majority of women don't watch porn after all).

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P0rn is the art of not accepting (resisting) your sexuality, it depraves you, harms you psyche and body, it kills all of your natural confidence and social skills.. it only exists for the lonesome, the ugly, the fearful, P0rnogr,aphy is made by the losers, for the losers.

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