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Is what society determines as being normal actually insanity?


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For the most part yes. There is good and bad elements to it but, is it really unreasonable to believe that when the government is preaching a new world order and all the global elite get together in secret meetings (bilderburg) and openly publicize how they are going to murder everyone from fluoridated water and chem-trails to mass hypnosis and disarmament? Everything that the corporate media tells you is only what they want you to know. Nothing more nothing less. You are not allowed to know more then they tell you. Yet, all the criminalities are hiding in plain view.

A lot of how this global take over is working can be compared to the frog. If you drop one into boiling hot water it will immediatly jump out to save it self. However, if you throw the frog into room temperature water and slowly increase the heat. It will let itself cook. Same thing is happening in society. Which is why mainline cartoons can teach your kids how to have sex and many other pedophilic actions while cursing is censored. It's all about going at a snails pace and the more you're told what to believe the more you accept it as truth. That is human nature and the way all humans spanning across all time have learned.

It is also why kids are now hitting puberty at age 3 and up.

The obsession with money and slavery (work) have now reached a point where it's all monopoly money and has no real value but, because you believe it does. It will and anyone caught trying to revert back to a gold standard is imminently killed. (qaddafi)

It is why JFK was murdered when he preached about the global infiltration.

AND people are still denying that anything is wrong. Trust me, either people are retarded, (wouldn't be surprising with all the chemicals you are taking in) people like being killed, (which I don't think) or we are brainwashed so bad that telling the difference between crazy and sane has all but vanished leaving no other option but to be crazy.

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I've heard of a lot of what link said and it 's all definitely true. There's an even better argument though. There are studies that show some types of autistic people are smarter than the average human brain. I mean they also sometimes have less IQ but a lot of times (not 100%) they actually have special gifts. high functioning autistic people are generally geniuses. It happens all of the time. They've done studies that show this.

Also, what was Steve Jobs' philosophy? It was "think different." And "thinking differently" made him one of the most successful people in history. Einstein thought differently.

I also think that thinking what everyone else thinks, grounds the imagination. It stops someone from thinking for themself. But that's how the government wants you to think.

Also, link is right:

JFK was in fact assassinated for trying to differ from the government. The government and corporations want to keep their power. They've been doing it forever. They don't care about much else. They just say they do. Yes, what about watergate and Roosevelt putting the Japanese in internment camps? What about Monsanto? How about Edward Bernays? The assassination of William Cooper if you've heard of him? What did Cooper try to do? He spoke up like Kennedy, only through books rather than politically.

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sauh(1107) Clarified
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Just a bit about putting Japanese in interment camps during WW2. Was it a fucked-up thing to do?, yes. Was it a problem that America created for its self?, yes. But, at the time, was there a better/safer course of action for America (assuming they wanted to win the war)?

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ghostheadX(1104) Disputed
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If they had thought it over, it would probably be better solution (not completely good but a little better) to keep them from leaving the country or to keep watch on them right? I mean I'm sure they could have come up with a better system that, while still messed up, would consider what level of intensity was actually needed?

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I can't directly refute anything link said, except that puberty at three thing (although I get his point,young, it's the hormones in milk and food). and I hope he didn't actually do the boiling frog experiment. But I don't think his answer actually addresses the question accurately. I would say that society isn't insane for behaving how they are led to behave (which they most overwhelmingly do); I would say that they are willingly allowing themselves to be brainwashed. What they are doing is going along to get along. People would find, if they bothered to try, that if they actually think for themselves and go against what they are told to do they would be ostracized and life would be very difficult. Therefore, the easiest, simplest way to survive and be reasonable 'happy/successful' in life (albeit only within the confines they are allowed) is to follow along with the masses. Any member of an animal society will tell you; if you aren't the alpha, do as you are expected, and try to get some tail when the silver back ain't looking. Society is brainwashed and foolishly submissive, but they are not insane.

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we are an open pluralistic society.what is seen as normal is a" mirage" and does not actually exist.the media just produce heresay dressed up as any given time not one person would agree with what the packaged up version of the truth is not insanity just an impossible "ask" for any two or more persons or groups to absolutely agree on anything.

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"Is what society determines as being normal actually insanity? "

I have no idea what this question means.

"What society (actually) determines being normal as being insane?" Is this what you wanted to say?

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ghostheadX(1104) Clarified
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No, what he's saying is "Is what the average person perceives as a normal way of thinking, actually an insane way of thinking?"

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