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Is world peace a pipe dream?

World peace, a proposed idea, where all groups in a country tolerate one another, where all countries have peace treaties in place, that they abide by, and where generally everyone is happy or content.

Do you think this idea belongs to someone with their head in the clouds, or is there a potential to achieving it? Why?

Two doctors about to administer drugs to a man who thinks world peace is a possibility.

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World peace is impossible. No matter what a person does, another person will interpret it differently. A good phrase to describe this is "For every action, there is a negative and positive effect".

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Jungelson(3954) Disputed
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I thought it was "for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction."

But yours seems to work so :)

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Knowing humanity in all it's wisdom and glory, no it will not achieve world piece. There would have to be no differences between countries/people, all people would have to have the same ideas, or people would clash, leading to wars, everyone must be treated equally, which will never happen e.t.c. the list goes on. No, mankind will blow its self up before it comes even close.

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Yay, 1000 points...

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It's not impossible but would be very hard to obtain, one way or another someones going to be annoyed with someone else and disrupt peace it's just human nature. It may be achievable in the future but I can't imagine it anytime soon.

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Sad, but true. It's a shame that so many nations can't get along.

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There are just too many differing views and stubborn people who are too close-minded to change their minds.

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I think it has potential but we can't see past our differences. We can't see past other forms of government or other customs. It virtually is very double but nobody is willing to do so. Just like when Washington left office saying not to make political parties. Inevitably it happened and it have been unavoidable. Country also like to pick sides. Countries favor certain countries over others. I believe it can happen.

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Prodigenious(38) Clarified
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You switched sides to avoid me telling you that you did the wrong one.

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Yes. Yes I did .

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