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 Islamic phobia (10)

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Islamic phobia

Islam is the religion of Peace. Because any person who know something about islam he can't say that isalm is the religion of turtur.....
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I feel conflicted about Islamaphobia, but I want to learn, change, and grow. I do have one Muslim friend in person, and several online. We as adherants to different faiths, need to just talk, listen, love, and respect.

Huzaifaa(7) Clarified
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MashshAllah that person Will be prove good in your life. My friend i have need some online persos to discuss about islam and other subject please give me their numbes.

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We should have a MILD phobia of all religions, one no more than another. They have no basis in fact and have been the cause of MANY wars and slaughters. There is also a lot of good that all of them have done. We would do NO worse without them, likely better because several hatreds would be removed.

YIsRisenLord(1202) Clarified
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Sincere question: Do you veiw all religions, as equal?//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

AlofRI(3293) Clarified
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If they are based on an imaginary entity, yes. :-)

Gypsee(347) Disputed
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I actually disagree. Is religion REALLY the cause of wars? Or is it simply politics and economics hidden behind religion as an excuse?

A lot of religious people would say that those acting violently in the name of their religion are simply just crazy.

AlofRI(3293) Clarified
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I actually agree .... with SOME of what you said. If you look above you'll see where I said they have done a lot of good. Still, those "that are simply crazy ..... and religions DO drive many people crazy (look at FromWithin, for instance ;-). Both Christians and Muslims, etc. have started "holy wars", burned people at stakes, shouted "Off with their heads!", church people have tortured and killed for "tax evasion" (alms to the church). It's not "simply politics and economics" when the church CONTROLS the politics. TOO MUCH religion is a dangerous thing. At the moment, in this country, we have too much religion IN politics. Dangerous!

You make the same point, I have, been making. Good job..................................................................................................

Keal192NXQ2(70) Disputed
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Religion was the cause of many wars. Although, it's an extrapolation to say ALL wars were caused by religion.