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Isle of Man TT races

in your personal opinion should the Isle of Man TT races be banned or not if so why. Consider these facts first.They are the oldest road races in the world, over 100 years old . The course is the longest road Race course in the world 37.75 miles. More and more safety precautions are being introduced every year, and usually something like 40 to 50.000 come over every year to watch.Plus it also brings in a lot of money to the Manx economy.

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The Isle of Man TT races should be banned because people are always moving way too fast. People should slow down and smell the roses. It is also not fair when the people up front fart in the general direction of the people who are down wind. People are entitled to fresh air. It's also very distracting when you see a woman bouncing all over the place as she runs.

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manxbiker(13) Disputed
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it is very clear you know nothing at all about the Isle of man TT Races I doubt if you even know where the Isle of man is or exactally what the Isle of Man TT races are

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Yes, that is all very true but it has never stopped before from providing my two cents worth ;)

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Pineapple(1448) Disputed
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They smell the roses during practice runs. When the actual race starts, nothing else matters.

Why are we talking about a small race, when we said nothing about the tour?

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No they shouldn't be banned. They should in fact be extended to the rest of the UK. Every Sunday should be made "national motorbike race day", the roads should be closed to anyone not racing.

Seriously though, no they are awesome to watch. I don't mind the additional safety measures they make sense as bike technology makes its way to becoming supersonic.

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