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 Isn’t it funny that Dermot has more enemies than friends? (6)

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Isn’t it funny that Dermot has more enemies than friends?

And doesn’t it feel like Dermot is a an obese ten year old sitting behind his computer all day skipping school?
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Yes, I totally agree with you. Maybe there is hope for you yet. If you can at least see that Dermot is a dirty little blue waffle cunt cheese hole then perhaps you can see that that is what America is as well.

DeltaInferno(83) Disputed
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I take it you are condemning 60 million American blacks, 40 million American Hispanics, 15 million American Asians, millions of Native Americans, and 15 million Muslims.

You must be a white supremacist.

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All upset because you cannot defend your latest venom filled article by nut case and convicted criminal Sheppard .

Several more enemies , downvotes and bans overnight from you and your alt accounts proving who the big child actually is as you care so much how many friends and enemies you have .

Delighted to have kept you up all night again furiously downvoting , banning ,and opening new accounts

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Excuse me, you posted this at 1 am. Also, I don’t have any alt-accounts.

Dermot(5736) Disputed
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Are you aware of something called a different time zone? I guess not. Regards alt accounts I reckon you have at least 30