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It's normal Libs are full of shit
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Isn't it weird how both parties love all minority people that love them back

It's normal

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Libs are full of shit

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Isn't it funny how Democrats vote for the Party that supports killing viable unborn babies for any reason.

Isn't it funny how Democrats vote for the Party that supports getting rid of the Hyde Amendment.

Isn't it funny how Democrats vote for the Party that supports forcing all public schools to allow boys, who think they are girls, in our daughter's sports.

The Repubican Party does not support racism, so it matters not if some White Supremace votes for them.

The Democrat Party is supporting the killing of viable unborn babies for any reason. That makes those who elect them just as inhuman.

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AveSatanas(4442) Disputed
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If i come back in another year will you finally be off abortion? Its such a goddamn boring issue to discuss over and over again.

And buddy cmon. Of course the republican party doesnt openly stand for "racism". But you have to ask yourself how come literally every single white supremacist votes republican?

Ive heard you claim the democratic party are the ACTUAL racists because they want to keep black people on the government plantation or whatever that dumb argument is.

So if thats the case and the real racists are all on the left then how come the actual openly racist organizations are on the right?

How come whenever its the left the racism is all super secret and behind closed doors, but on the right its the dudes who openly wear klan robes.

So like there are racists on both sides but the left leaning ones are just more sneaky and nefarious while the right wing ones are more bold?

Help me out here i just cant wrap my mind around this phenomena

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FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Those of us who live in a world of humanity will NEVER be off the issue of abortion.

That would be like saying those who opposed slavery years ago should have gotten over it.

The Democrat Party was telling Republicans to get over it, it's a boring issue.

Should we have accepted Jews being killed by Nazi's? Maybe a year later we should have stopped talking about it, because it's a boring issue.

You are showing your true colors. The colors I speak out to, and the reason those on the Left demonize me. I shine a light on your inhumanity.

I truly laugh every time I listen to fake news and people like you spew the utter nonsense of how Trump and Conservatives are racist.

Your only logic is that racist's vote for Republicans in larger numbers.

That is the same logic you were just ridiculing me for. You are lumping Conservatives and Trump in with racists because racist's vote for them.

I give facts to what I say about the Democrat Party. You give leftwing rhetoric about Republicans.

Funny how under Trump, we have record low unemployment for Black people, while under Obama we had record numers of Black people on food stamps!

Who truly cares for Black poeple other than getting their Government dependent votes.

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outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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Hay DUMMY why is LEFTIST care so much for the CHILDREN at the BORDER yet you LEFTIST applaud the killing of NIGGERS in the WOMB ???????? Step up stupid and do your best to defend the INSANITY that is HARD for you to UNDERSTAND!

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Isn't it weird how practically all white supremacist groups identify as right wing and support Trump?

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