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Isolated groups of people who don't know about God and sin. Where do they go?

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Similar problem with two religions A and B.

If I became a member of religion "A" I will go to "A" heaven but also into "B" hell.

If I became a member of religion "B" I will go to "B" heaven but also into "A" hell. we are all going into hell anyway... :D ...why to believe :D

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It's always been confusing about religion. If people are out of reach from the word of God, how would they face judgement?

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Not knowing about where the road leads, doesn't mean that you will end up in a different place.

" For they shall argue on stupid topics, due to lack of sense"

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Everyone goes to Heaven. People should stop thinking about that awful alternative place.

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They go right to hell with the other non believers silly :) along with the gays, naughty children, and people who work on Sunday. Because it's not god's job to come to us, we have to do the work :) there's no excuses for not finding Jesus!

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You know..., you should be more serious. This is a serious debate and a serious debate site ;)

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AveSatanas(4430) Clarified
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Ah but Christianity is a joke therefore this is a comedy debate XD

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