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Israel-Gaza conflict


Is Israel really as evil and Palestine really as innocent as the world says it is? There is never one reason for any war and everybody have their own reasons and opinions. But if you had to choose just one party as being the most "violent/evil", which one would you say it is? 



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The way i understand it the Isrealis have proposed 2 state solutions to the palestinians dozens of times and theyve all been rejected. Even ones where the palestinians get 75% of the land and israel takes the last 30%. An isreali leader has been quoted claiming that all of the people of israel would pack onto an area the size of a tablecloth if i meant peace. The leaders of the surrounding areas however have made it clear they dont want peace by any other means than killing every israeli citizen or driving them into the sea. Basically it was put best by Bill Maher, whether or not you agree with anything else he says is besides the point and i dont idolize him i just think this particular quote was good: "Gaza is like a woman gone crazy, you can only hold her wrists so long before you have to slap her". Israel is done trying to reason with these people and theyre taking action to protect their citizens, yet the world is turning on them as if theyre the bad guys just because theyre stronger. Yes israeli missile attacks are much more powerful than the ones from Gaza and the west bank but until Gaza stops firing missiles Israel will not. It is up to Hamas to realize this and protect his own citizens by accepting a cease fire (which he rejected earlier this week). I just cant see how Gaza is the good guy or victim in all of this (i know the citizens obviously are but im talking politically). Gaza- islamic theocratic 3rd world nation with extremely poor quality of life for its citizens. Israel- 1st world democratic secular jewish (mostly ethnically) state that has some of the best socialized medicine, education, and military training in the world. You really want me to believe that the 1st world jews are the ones being unreasonable and not the 3rd world islamic fundamentalists? please

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This is exactly the same view I find on CNN opinions and other news and blog sites. When so many people in this world have this view, why is the CNN headlines and BBC headlines and all other news channels headlines make Israel seem purely evil and Gazans as innocent babies?

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Alright, I've never been in a war and I hope I never will be. But it's pretty much common sense that this is not an Iraq. These are two people who have fought each other since they existed. I hate to say, but I believe it will always be like that.

These people are in a total war. They are fighting with everything they got because there is nowhere else they can go. The Palestine's can only go into the sea and the Israelis can only go into their enemies. This situation might would have been different if the Arabs accepted a Palestinian and Israeli state, but they didn't and they made the worse mistake by attacking the Israelis.

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Maybe if Hamas could play nice like the Palestinians in the West Bank... this wouldn't be happening to them.