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It is Atheism that is responsible for the worst crimes in human history


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Wrong. Don't know that you are but one cannot use Hitler, Stalin, or Mao which most believers try to do and is wrong.

First treaty signed by Hitler's Germany was with the Vatican, that then celebrated Hitler's birthday every year and who delivered catholics to the Italian Nazi party. Catholics celebrated the arrival of Hitler, the man sent by god they said, to rid the world of Jews.

Stalin went to seminary school then upon taking power, immeditely used the subserviant credulity of believers to easily establish his fascism, split the Russian orthodox church with those in disagreement leaving. Then used the church through being the czarist type demigod, for heresy trials and to claim miracle agric. output.

Mao studied christianity, even wrote about Jesus and then how he could use it all and made himself the new 'god' of China.

Based on the above and there is more, it's not even close to ever suggest atheism had anything whatsoever with the murderous violence of the church and all thoughout history.

Tell me of any power, govt, or country that adopted the precepts of Spinoza, Paine, Jefferson that committed crimes like the religious. You can't find them.

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When Bush started a war with Iraq which ended with millions of civilian casualties... can one argue that it was his Christian faith that informed his decisions? Which he said it did.

The worse crimes in humanity are committed by different people with different believes for different reasons. Once you make the claim that a specific belief should be suspect, and people who hold that believe must be held accountable; you end up with the problem that you've put tons of separate ideologies into the same group. Christianity has had a very violent history: torture, genocide, force conversions, subjugation of people, etc. However, they've also had a lot of reformations and are divided into many different groups with contradictory believes.

When it comes to the worse atrocities in history, I'm willing to argue that every one of them was more influenced by political ideology than just religious believes. To say that Stalin was a was criminal because he was an Atheist is as absurd as saying Bush was a warmongerer because he was a Christian.

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"I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator."

"Even today I am not ashamed to say that, overpowered by stormy enthusiasm, I fell down on my knees and thanked heaven from an overflowing heart for granting me the good fortune of being alive at this time!"

Once again the songs of the Fatherland roared to the heavens along the endless marching columns, and for the last time the Lords grace smiled on his ungrateful children."

All from Mein Kampf. Somehow, this does not sound like an atheist to me. You??

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KittenGirl(157) Disputed
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He attacked the church nonstop after this, mocked Christianity, and began promoting Nordic mythology to mock religious people. He began carrying on about Darwinism and Darwinian concepts.

Being raised in church doesn't mean you wind up Christian later. Multiple people on this site are proof of that.

Donald Trump claims to be a Christian, and Democrats claim he's lying because of politics.

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Pedestrian(153) Disputed
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NO the democrats and many others suggest he can't be a very faithfuil christian because of an adult life of constant sinning. He's been a serial cheater/adulterer, whoremonger and grifter. Therein, trump makes Bill Clintron look like a choirboy.

Typically, Hitler as did several previous political/miltary leaders, used the church/religious borne survility and credulity of the masses to assume power. Once there, it simply didn't matter. Just as the so-called 'national socialists' became in fact...capitalist fascist.

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AlofRI(3137) Clarified
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The only time Trump went to church was to be married several times, or for a photo-op where he pledged a LOT of money to a church …. and usually reneged! I'd LOVE to see a Christian ask the Donald a question about the Bible. His answer would be as screwed up as some of his "historical facts"!

In calling him a Christian, you are insulting the religion!

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Ah, the Atheist Atrocity Fallacy.

People who are claimed to be atheists like Hitler (Who was Catholic) Stalin (Orthodox) and Mao (Actually atheist, but ignores his motives). All of these dictators didn't kill because of Atheism. Hitler started World War 2 to remove the stain of World War 1.

Stalin killed in the name of power and communism

Mao killed because his policies fell flat on their face.

Notice something? None had to do with atheism!

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Blood(217) Disputed
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Hitler (Who was Catholic)

Hitler was an occultist who hated christianity.

Stalin (Orthodox)

Stalin was an atheist.

Hitler started World War 2 to remove the stain of World War 1.

He started world war 2 to "cleanse" the earth of impure races and establish an Aryan empire.

Stalin killed in the name of power and communism

Stalin killed Nazis in the name of communism.

Mao killed because his policies fell flat on their face.

Mao didn't kill, people died because of his policies falling flat on their face and famines spreading.

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