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True Thomas isn't black
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It isn't minorities the left supports. It supports black followers.

Amazon Prime Yanks Clarence Thomas Documentary During Black History Month


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Thomas isn't black

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An independent and discerning thinker who can recognise the self-serving double talk of left-wing hypocrites.

In less sophisticated terms its not the dog that rushes at you barking you must be wary of, but the one which circles around behind you and comes quietly in for the kill.

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Unfortunately, this is much of what has already been discovered about a large majority of the current left & far-left side camp at this point. Though I'd still need to point out that this is mostly the cause of a minority of people in it's own right. Those that normally stand against these kind of actions, are relatively quiet, and are not very well equipped to have their voices heard. Especially when a portion of the left is so willing to stand on their necks, as to prevent them from speaking.

I had just as much trouble with this, when I left the democrats back in 2016.

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It isn't minorities the left supports.

Hello Ench:

Scuse me.. Jeff Bezos is NOT the left.. He's ONE guy - just like me - one guy.. Using your logic, I'm the left, and the fact that I wack off while playing baseball, means the LEFT wacks off while playing baseball, and that makes the left perverts..

Doncha have any better debating techniques than that? Dude.


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Imagine thinking Jeff Bezos is a leftist hahahaha good lord

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Piece of shit Uncle Tom isn't he? And your title is just plain wrong, it's not that they support black followers, it's that if they aren't followers they ain't Black.

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