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It must be hard being a Democrat trying to debate against the Trump economy

It is

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Look for the smear

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Exactly correct, this is why the Democrat Party spends all it's time on witch hunts and taking attention away from the record economy Trump has created.

Can you even imagine if Obama had accomplished record low African American unemployment?

He would have been heralded as the greatest President in our history, and they would have given credit to Liberalism.

But we all know what happened when the most Liberal President in our history became President.

A dead economy for eight long years with constant identity politics with constant race bating and divisive rhetoric.

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Nah, it's really easy.

The Trump economy is factually run and managed by the same people who sold off all their bad portfolios to customers when they got wind of the recession in 2008.

It is literally being run by people who should rightfully be in jail.

See? Not hard.

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It's more the Obama economy. He raised the Market from 6000 to 18000+, the unemployment from10%+ to 4% or less. The economy was going up at a healthy rate. Now it is overpriced, the 1% has bought back most of their stock instead of "creating jobs". Trump has changed unemployment by about 1% and increased the National Debt by about a $Trillion in less than 2 years. Employers are hiring anything they can get, the "tax break" has been used up on higher living expenses (for "working people"), Oil companies are hurting, farmers are hurting, hospitals are hurting, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, and other businesses are shutting down. Yep! Things are looking GREAT! Hmmmm , maybe we can put those HD, Lowes and Sears people to work raking the forests??? :-(

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It must be hard being a Democrat trying to debate against the Trump economy


Nahh…… For generations Republicans have BROKEN the economy leaving it for the Democrats to fix.. This happens time and time again. To wit:

BUSH broke it.. Obama fixed it.. Trump took credit for it..


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