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It's been a while

Eleven years on this site, I can hardly believe it's been that long. I remember going on here in high school, arguing somewhat poorly lol. Those were the days. I'm old now :(
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How old? Have you been called elderly ;)

Akulakhan(2985) Clarified
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29, not yet, grandpa 👁️👄👁️

BurritoLunch(6565) Clarified
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29, not yet, grandpa

You are still a baby to me. Age is time and time is relative.

If only I could go back to that age ;)

Jace(5222) Clarified
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ive got resting baby face. ill never be a social elder.

My beard gives me away ;)

boomers r hot

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11 yrs is ancient in internet years tho

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Well, welcome back! Nice profile picture, oddly terrifying yet neat. :D