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 It's refreshing watching Trump in Press conferences? A President that says what he feels. (3)

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It's refreshing watching Trump in Press conferences? A President that says what he feels.

Yet one more great thing about Trump is his honesty during Press conferences. He doesn't sit there for an hour giving boring rehearsed answers void of any possible gaffs.

He wears his emotions on his sleeve and as much as fake news tries to get him to screw up, when he does, the people still love his straight forward honesty. They can relate to making stupid comments and understand the anger when pressed by deceptive people trying to destroy him at every turn.

For eight long years we had a professional politician trained in the art of saying what we want to hear, and then doing just the opposite.

Trump is on a mission to do EVERYTHING he said he would do when running for the Presidency. He also gave us the list of Supreme court nominee's he would pick from if elected. How many Presidents have ever been that open with the American people?

REFRESHING, yet Liberals refuse to give him any credit for being so open with the American people. The Left seems to love deception and corruption in their politicians as long as they can talk eloquently when lying to us.
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Beast666(17) Disputed
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We finally got a businessmen who is not a trained politician, and not expert in the art of lying

I'll say, when he lies it's as obvious as a tomato in a box of cucumbers. Good thing Americans are so stupid, eh?

FromWithin(8263) Disputed
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You obviously can't grasp the point I am making. Yes Trump has lied as have all Presidents before him.

They can not tell the people everything that is going on in Government when it comes to classified issues, etc.

What I'm talking about is all the Politicians who tell us one thing before getting elected, and totally ignoring it after winning. Trump is trying his best to do everything he said he would do.

I repeat.... REFRESHING!

Obama told us a million lies before his first election. He said he hated the huge national debt, and then he doubled it!

He said he wanted to work across the aisle and get things done in a bi partisan way.

He was the most Liberal partisan President we had ever seen. He refused to compromise on anything.