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If is I like wasting money
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It's time to cut the salaries of Congress

If is

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I like wasting money

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Nah. It'll never happen, because such a decision needs to be approved by... Congress. Yeah, we dropped the fuckin' ball on planning out our checks and balances there.

What we do need to do is halt their salary for the shutdown until they pull their fucking act together. President too. Just like the thousands of government workers that they're having work without pay just to keep the fucking country from falling apart while they bicker over a god damn political symbol that's financially little more than a drop in the bucket.

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How long will it take to waste $5.7B? They're trying to keep FROM wasting that much. That would pay their salaries for a while! NOW! If we could just get the SENATE to agree to stop wasting $5.7B ….

Perhaps it's THEIR salary that should be cut!??

That $5.7B number has been calculated to grow to around $60B when all labor and engineering and legal costs are figured in! CONGRESS SAVE U.S.!

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How long will it take to waste $5.7B?

Obama wasted trillions though.

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