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Its time for the old to retirew and leave the politics to the new Generation!

Very true!

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I don't think so!

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What ever these already lived generations have done and are doing does not effect them so long, as they cannot live long enough to experience it!

So, why not leave our lives to us, and just pack up from our live!

After, young guns have proved worthier than the old guys in all the fields except this thing!

Its time, they retire or rather, we force them to do so!

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dtrimble(32) Disputed
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Man I cant wait till you get old! Im sure you will appreciate the "wisdom" you imparted to the younger generations of folks that will "retire" you!

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i do not think old people should leave politics, but most people in politics are old. it seems almost like the elderly are trying to hog politics all to themselves. we should try and get younger people more interested in politics by encouraging them to be in do this i believe we should have the elderly people be more excepting to a younger persons view. maybe we could start by revoking the age limit for the president. should there really be an age limit on the leader of our country? i mean certainly kids shouldn't be allowed into office but maybe we could make the age limit a little younger.

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I don't think the answer is to force old people into retirement. They have lived much longer and experienced much more. Though I do think that old people that continue to cling to outdated ideas should be voted out as quickly as possible!

Some of the greatest political movements came from the younger generations. The Equal Rights Act was almost exclusively supported by the younger generation in the 50's and 60's.

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We use the wisdom of those who came before us every day of our lives. Inventions, innovations, and revelations produced by the blood,sweat, and tears of past generations provide us with a lifestyle undreamed of a century ago. This new headstrong generation looks to be brimming with self-important fools who would shun the sacrifices of their ancestors. Do so at your own peril.

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alstars(736) Disputed
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yes, right, we use the brains f our ancestors, i agree! Similar must be in politics, we will use the tactics now and i ask them to move aside and give way to the young! It is their i mean, our future and we got the right to decide our own political advantages! Moreover, youngsters of the present are more tactful than our leaders, and they are not the guys who are lured by money! It should be that we are not in old days still!

You used Einsteins equations of the general theory of relativity, agreed, but not Einstein, remember! We are just continuing what he did and where he stopped! So, its time we take the government!

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You don't just become a politician by being a prick. You have to earn it. That takes time. That is called age. It's over time that people get to the position they're in.. it doesn't just happen when you want it to. Just because you're 30 and you have good ideas, doesn't mean people will take you seriously. You have to gather a base, followers, associates, allies etc. which takes a long time.

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It only comes through experiance and experiance is what is needed to be a leader. Not some misguided "lessons" given to young college educated individuals that get their info from "professors" who have never done anything outside the protected confines of the lecture hall.

I will take the wisdom of my 81 year old father over that of anyone else as he negotiated the pitfalls of life with a great deal of success and has always lead his family with character and principle.

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