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Jeremy Lyn (New York Knicks)

Apparently there was a Universal vacuum when it came to "clever" phrasing concerning an Asian basketball player.

Ignoring he's not the first Asian basketball player apparently as well.

So are these in good humor or racist?

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Some of them have been a bit out of control and obviously came from a perspective of one who is having trouble accepting an Asian could possibly be a good basketball player (again though, Lyn's not even the first, it's weird).

On the other hand though, today I heard someone complain about a broadcaster who was talking about a "Chink in the Armor" of Lyn's defense or something.

When you listen to him say it he obviously is not making a joke about Lyn's race. He was using a very, very common metaphor used everywhere, and used in sports constantly.

Yet, he was fired.

It seemed retarded. Maybe "Chink in the armor" came from some Asian racist thing or something, I always thought it meant literally, a chink, or week spot or hole, in a suit of armor.

I thought that's what it fucking meant. Am I wrong?

Honestly they kind of stopped being funny after the first 500, so whatever, everyone should stop now whether it's racist, funny or anything in between because it's just getting silly.

But at least to me, I'm not seeing any negative intention in about 90% of the silly metaphors people are complaining about, and in this instance at least it seemed obvious to me the guy was not making any comment about him being Asian at all.

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Screw Lin, Dirk Nowitzki is the greatest player. Today, he has scored 21 points...and the first half isn't even over. He is now the third player to have 1000 blocks and just passed another great to become the 20th all time point scorer.


When Lin has stats like that, he can call himself great. He is good, no doubt, but he is getting a ridiculous amount of playing time. If you play for 42/48 minutes, you are inevitably going to score. And unlike OKC and Miami, Dirk plays for a TEAM! It's not a two man (OKC) or three man (Heat) show. Although Lin is great in traffic. He reads the screens like not many can (Jason Kidd is still better). And he can adjust shots on the way to the rim on layups when double/triple-teamed. But he is not a god. He cranks out turnovers like Newt Gingrich does ex-wives.


I'm happy for him. Cut from two NBA teams, living on his brother's couch. But I still won't call him a great basketball player, nor forgive him for beating my Mavs on Sunday.

raptor22(106) Disputed
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"He cranks out turnovers like Newt Gingrich does ex-wive”

If he had this many turnovers, i think he would still be looking for a team ;)

iamdavidh(4856) Clarified
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Why do I feel like nor forgive him for beating my Mavs on Sunday has undo influence on the whole?

Still, you are right that it is way too soon to judge his "career".

But you don't see many players this impressive this fast in the NBA no matter where they come from to be fair.

For that spot I still take Rose as league MVP.

Apollo(1608) Clarified
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Why do I feel like nor forgive him for beating my Mavs on Sunday has undo influence on the whole?


But you don't see many players this impressive this fast in the NBA

You don't see many players getting this much playing time in the NBA. I guarantee you, I bet my entire life savings (three candy bar wrappers), that if Brandon Wright got the same playing time as Lin, he would put up the same, if not better numbers. Lin played for practically the entire game against the Mavs on Sunday. His offensive efficiency is nowhere near what is was when he played for Harvard. He was 5/15 FG when I last checked the Knicks/Nets game, today. If you shoot 15 times, you are bound to make a couple of them. And he doesn't play for a team. He plays for Tyson Chandler (who they took from us this year ;( ), Lin and filler. Melo finally played today and he scored like 6 points. Have him play on an actual, well-rounded TEAM, like the Mavs and his numbers would plummet.

For example: The Lakers are not a team at all. It's Kobe and Kobe's bitches. Odom averaged 14 points a game last season. This year on the Mavs? 7.

Lin has everything going for him: A bad team. A ton of minutes. He takes as many shots as he wants. You will never see Dirk taking that many shots unless he actually makes most of them. He can read screens and adjust. That's about all I will call him great at doing.

I still take Rose as league MVP.

KD25 should get it.


I think you need to admire Dirk's fadeaway jumper:;=related

And when Lin can do this, I'll call him great.

This is greatness.

I don't know. If Lyn is so great, why is he still playing B-ball? When is going to move up to A-ball? I mean..., B is just above average but A..., now that's way above average. ;)