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Jesus VS Allah who will win?

i think jesus would kick allah ass


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no one, they would have to exist in the first place, or atleast allah and we still dont know for sure if jesus did, even tho i do believe he did.

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wait, chuck norris would kick both their ASSSS"Essssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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Isn't ALLAH another name for GOD? AND JESUS is GOD'S son...SO... ALLAH(dad) against JESUS(son) that makes no sence

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Jesus because he actually cares about people. Not to mention he actually exists.

Considering both of the disciples came from God. Why is it that Muslims believe the name is magically Allah? How boring anyway.

Jesus will once again come and wipe out the muslims and dominate the earth. :)

I am Catholic. and I ♥ Jesus


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Yea Allah is god in Arabic and Jesus is a prophet, hes not god, Allah sends prophets Messengers and ect. He is the father. SO you tell me how in the hell did you get the idea that Jesus would bet Allah in anything if Allah is the knower of all things the supreme being while Jesus is a man sent by Allah to warn the people. Plus Allah produced whatever spiritual gifts Jesus was blessed with.

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Go Jesus Christ :) Im Catholic, Invading the Muslims. :)

He he he :)

I ♥ Jesus :)

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you mother and father fucking asshole i would kick your penis i would fuck you if you say that again

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jesus is a prophet and so allah almighty is great you could check the quran for evidence

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Allah is God in Arabic. If you take Jesus into consideration then you are pitting a Triune God against itself... (look up Triune God)

So, argumentatively, it would be an even match. (Though 'The Father' does have that old man strength)

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