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Jesus isn't real.

"That's debatable" the agnostic says to the atheist. I get it. Religion isn't the easiest thing to talk about. Though, here is my reasoning:
-There is no proof of a God, anyhow; No less of the son of a God.
-Saying that Jesus affected you somehow doesn't mean jack-- visible proof, fact, belief, and opinions are different things. You were most likely touched by the message of Christianity.
-"Just believing" is a shitfull. If someone were to be smart, they wouldn't rely on ancient text to lead them to a beautiful afterlife.
-This isn't some Mary Poppins shit. 
-Jesus Christ is a religious figure-- religion being a pothole fill for humans who couldn't manage to find out how things came to be.
-im not quoting the bible because im not going to hypnotize myself with that shit
-good night
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Well, it depends on what you mean. Historically, Jesus is considered by many specialists to have existed. It is even taught in many High school AP History classes.BUT, the whole son of God thing is what most people debate about.

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The person named "Jesus" did exist. But his divinity is the most controversial.

Well, in the power vacuum of the fall of the Roman Empire, where pagans and the early Christians were at war, the church think of an idea how to manipulate the people, thereby entitling Jesus as the "Messiah" and having miraculous powers.

Jesus is real, but his divinity isn't.

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I believe you are correct-- and I think also that Christianity is just like a mythology that may have had some real people in there. I agree with your point about the war and people saying some normal guy was the "Messiah," but maybe this Jesus person was a very nice person who may have been a good example for the kind of religion they were creating.