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Jesus' last words were - Be Right Back - really freaked people out.


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Wait..., what? No!

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I think he actually yolo'd and said "BRB" to really confuse the crap out of people. He probably yeet'ed while doing the dab too.

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Is this even a debate ;)

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AlofRI(2844) Clarified
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Yes it did back then. People were SO INTO mythology back then. Today Trump can shoot somebody on Broadway …. nobody'd care, nobody'd freak out. They think HE's a "god" too. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Four years ago we'd have freaked out. Today …. meh ... ;-)

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People were SO INTO mythology back then.

What do you mean "back then"?

Our entire culture is built on mythology, from the ground upwards.

From eternal life in the kingdom of heaven to the American Dream in Connecticut: it's all myth. Life has always been a hierarchy and one result of that is the people at the top of it are in charge of how reality is presented to everybody else.

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What do you suppose would happen if He got re-elected? Make America Freak Out Again ;)

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Worse yet is when Arnold Schwarzenegger did his Jesus imitation and just said: "I'll be back!"

After that the fecal matter hit the rotary air mover! ;-)

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