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Facts But mein propaganda
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Jews Did 9/11


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But mein propaganda

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Jews Did 9/11

Hello hater:

Look.. As I've told you, we've survived much better haters than you.. In fact, not only have we survived - we've THRIVED.. And, that just pisses you off.. You cannot deny that we HAVE the women.. We HAVE the money.. We HAVE the influence..

You got your dick in your hand...


excon, Jewish Warrior

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Nomshutu(73) Disputed
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we HAVE the women

Why only women?? That's not very inclusive of you.

We HAVE the money.

That's only because you inherited it though. You suck but you get to feel like you don't suck because of your privilege, and that's just not fair.

We HAVE the influence

of drugs effecting our ability to think rationally.

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mrcatsam(582) Disputed
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Hey there Excon,

I think these two twits are fourteen year olds who've failed their exams because they cannot stop stupidly assaulting people on this site. Ignore them..

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"Jews Did 9/11 "

-Adolf Hitler

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