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Joan of Ark conspiracy theories

Here's the thing, no one in their right mind thinks that God actually spoke to this person, but it is nevertheless insanely fucked when you think about it that some teenage peasant girl with no training was able to make successful military decisions surpassing those of relatively experienced generals and even participate in combat on the field of battle.
So what is the truth about her? How did she really pull it all off? Did she actually believe God was speaking to her, and she happened to get lucky, or did someone powerful and wealthy put her up to it, whispering orders in her ear and training her from a young age.
Post your thoughts, and remember, never go full retard.
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I don't know much about her to be honest. I think we covered her briefly in school but it was so long ago I barely remember.

To offer up a theory, I think it is a more feasible explanation to believe she tapped into a deeper level of her own consciousness than received orders from God. While I'm one of the biggest critics of religion on the internet, at the same time I recognise the power it can have over people, sometimes giving them laser focus and enabling them to complete extremely daunting tasks. Ultimately however, I think the answers lie in the human mind rather than religion itself.

remember, never go full retard.

Andy should make this Create Debate's one and only rule.

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Then you'd have a perma block on you. Probably don't wanna go that way buddy.

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Then you'd have a perma block on you.

Lmfao. Put your hands up if you didn't anticipate the inevitably banal ad hominem attack from our resident vote cheat, Brontoraptor.

Say Bronto, if you're finished with your wife, can I have a go?

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Christians can take a joke

You didn't take Islam very well, did you?

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we blindly call him a 'he' and suck Jesus's dick so hard.

I've never sucked anybody's dick. Is this a confession?

ViolentLib(2) Disputed
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