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Join the Christian Society!

Hi!  Im  here  to  spread  the  AWESOME  word  of  God  and  Jesus!  Tell  me  about  all  your  issues  and  stuff...  ill  TOTALLY  be  there  for  you  (im  trying  to  make  a  nice,  christian  thingy...  like  an  online  friend  (haha  not  a  creeper  tho!  I  PROMISE!!!!)). 


Please  no  athiests  ranting  on  this  debate...  this  debate  just  isnt  for  you.  I  dont  want  to  ban  peoplezzz  :)  But  i  will  accept  athiests  and  people  of  other  religeons  asking  KIND  questions... 

Nothing  dirty,  vulgar,  explicit,  or  mean.  This  is  supposed  to  be  a  friendly,  christian  debate

No  sharing  personal  information  please...  it  will  reduce  the  amount  of  perv's,  creepers,  etc.

Invite  as  many  people  as  you  want  PLEASE!  my  church  has  a  mission  to  convert  atleast  5  people  to  Christianity,  spreading  the  word,  and  just  being  nice!  Thanks  everyone! 

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you know this isnt just for discussing christianity :) you can talk about problems and people can give you solutions :)

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Hey! sorry i was in california for the past 2 weeks. So it looks like we havent had many/any recent debates... sooo... im here!

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Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

That is all, good day.

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Please don't fly the Union Jack as your image, as you present yourself as an ambassador for the United Kingdom. Though I see nothing wrong with this and that fact that you wish to spread the good word of Christianity, you're making us Britons look bad.

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I know this is an old debate, but I thought I would just add my input. I would prefer not to join this Christian Society, however ShiroSama97 who posted this debate, I must give credit for their patience and willingness to answer the questions directly.

I wanted to take a moment simply to recognize this (even though I may not agree with it) because it is a simple thing that is lacking in too many of the debates I have with Christians.

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Well, this is my first post (hopefully one of thousands that i will post!). So, anyway, just call me Shiro (not my real name btw lol srry)... ill try to help you with anything you're dealing with, if you're wondering why/what Christianity is, or if you're thinking of becoming a Christian! I know this site is FILLED with athiests, so remember the rules in the description. And c'mon, this is a website where no one knows you at all, so talk about anything you want (NO personal info... it is NOT wanted) . Well, im here! :)

iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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You will not find a human in Western society who is not already well aware of what you and your ilk represent. Anti-science and progress, one-minded ideology, and total acceptance love and peace to any whom drink deeply from your poisoned kool-aid "we love everyone, as long as you think, speak, and do exactly as we do".

Fantastic. You represent currently over 80% of the population, you brave pilgrim you.

But being fair-minded, perhaps I'll join your cult, simply answer these simple questions.

1. Is your god powerful enough to create a rock so heavy he himself cannot lift? If not is he not lacking in the "all-powerful" category? And if so, well, he's not all-powerful is he? So is he all powerful of no? And what of this giant rock? I don't want to worship someone if there is even the slightest likelihood there is another more powerful... like he creates the rock he can't move and a flying spaghetti monster comes along and moves the rock or something.

2. As a child I saw an ant hill and was bored, and began killing ant right and left. Then I thought for a second (being a child, today I would not bother with the ant hill) perhaps I should not kill these ants.

If god is a man, and we are ants, what right does he have to send a mortal to hell for eternity? We can do no more to harm him than those ants could do to a child. Is not hell a childish response to disobedience? What is the justification for eternal damnation, or even separation if you are the sort who does not believe in hellfire and whatnot (I know all about all your kind and your divergences).

3. The Bible specifically says forgiveness is required for one to be holy. I accept this but for psychological and not spiritual reasons. Yet in this same book, the most holy character of all, demands a blood sacrifice in more than one occasion. Jesus being the most well-known. So the one we are to aspire to, specifically asks not for vengeance but forgiveness, yet he himself not only requires a few years in jail, or a fine, he actually wants a human tortured and killed, only then are we forgiven.

Plus we're supposed to pretend to drink the dead guy's blood (Jesus).

My final question is, name one society of man, it can even be a third world country, where the leaders are this barbaric. I would not want to join a religion, where it could not be shown the god is not at least equally magnanimous to the worst of human civilization.

Answer these three, and I'll see you in church in 7 days.

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ShiroSama97(77) Disputed
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Haha thanks... here are the answers to your questions:

1. God/Jesus can create anything he wishes. He is GOD, but he is also all-powerful. He can lift anything he creates, for he is God. There is nothing more powerful then him. he is the strongest force of all, including Jesus Christ (well the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are all basically one). So, god could create a rock of any size and be able to lift it.

2. God does not wish to send people to Hell. he gives you a choice- you can become a good Christian (or Catholic, but i really dont know much about the Catholics other than it is similar to Christianity), or you can do what you want and be punished later. there is a verse in the Bible (i will try to find it for you) but it states that if you disobey God, a greater evil will punish you, not God. You could live your whole life being the worst person in the world, and on your deathbed, if you truely do want to believe and regret what you did and ask for forgiveness, you will go to Heaven. And people often think that being a good person makes you go to Heaven automatically. NOT TRUE. you could give to the poor, be nice to people, and other good things, but if you dont spread the word of Christ and "grow" in the Christian faith, you arent really a christian are you? This might be a little off topic, but i hope it answers your question.

3. Jesus died for our sins, he did not die out of vengeance. He never wanted to b e tortured or killed, but he knew what his mission was (he knew since birth.) and he knew that pain was temporary compared that we could just ask for forgiveness (And truely mean it) in order to go to heaven, no matter how late. He knew he would come back. he wasnt cruel to anyone... in his last words, he asked God to spare the very people that beaet him, put a crown of thorns on his head, and nailed him to a cross for forgiveness, for they did not know what was going on. Jesus didnt really make people drink his blood... he said. Jesus broke the bread on the Last Supper and said "take this bread, for this is my body that has been broken for you". then Jesus took the wine and poured a glass for each of his diciples, and said "take this wine, for this is my blood i have spilled for you.". we drink it in church to honor him (we drink the wine and eat some of the bread).

I think my third answer answers your last question... jesus was not this blood-thirsty barabarian.

Thanks for asking questions! :) i hope this answers them (if it doesnt, just simplify what i missed)

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Genesis1vs1(31) Disputed
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God only asks for a blood sacrifice because the punishment for sin is death.

God's power is infinite, don't try to reduce that to an obscure riddle of creating something too heavy for him to lift. Our mere human brains can't begin to fathom the endless possibilities of his might.

Aren't cults typically determined to go with societal norms? Then they sneak in the religious aspect of it. Christianity is upfront with their views and stance on all parts of life.

Your relationship to ants is FAR different from God and our relationship with him. You did not create the ants, nor do you love them. They have not trespassed against you. The only thing I see with that comparison is your childhood expierence torturing insects.

The acceptance of Communion "drinking a dead guy's blood" (He is risen, not dead) is the symbolic demonstration of accepting Jesus as your savior. The blood must be spilt to atone for sins. The wage of sin is death. Jesus was God in flesh (Immanuel) he wasn't just some guy.

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We cannot accept this, nor will we. CreateDebate is, obviously, a debating society. It is not a propaganda centre. If you wish to pontificate, do so, but you will be reported to the relevant authorities if you ban anybody who contradicts, defies or dissents against your utterances. These things are the purpose of this site and we will not allow you to preach uninhibited of unmolested.

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ShiroSama97(77) Disputed
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in the rules, i state that i dont really want people just ragging on it for the heck of it (or to be rude). It is a debate. Im not going to ban people who just say "thats stupid!". i will ask them WHY, and if they just be mean just because, then i dont need people fighting and argueing on this debate. Who are you to report me, hm? i will preach as long as i can... anyone on this site should also spread the word of christianity if they really believe :) who cares if i get reported? im willing to take a stand. Jesus was beaten, cut, and mocked, and he continued to preach even when he was nailed to the cross. Me on a little website like this and getting reported is nothing compared to what Jesus did.

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ShiroSama97(77) Disputed
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people have the choice to go on this site, do they not? Report me then... im just trying to do some good :) sorry i accidently hit the ban thingy a few times (i thought my computer was being slow and i clicked it)... how do i un-ban people?:)

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I see you banned me from your other debate. What? Scared? If you ban anyone, it just shows that you're scared of their perspective and what they have to say. You already banned EnigmaticMan. Gonna ban me too? Scared child?

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ShiroSama97(77) Disputed
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yes, i did, because i dont need arrogant loud-mouths who dont know jack about the Christian faith to rag on it :)

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