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 Judaism is racist (2)

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Judaism is racist

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Judaism is racist

Hello hater:

Yes, we know you hate Jews.. You're starting to sound like our other one trick pony.. Dude!

Look.. I suppose if I lived in my mommy's basement I'd wanna blame somebody... So, you pick the Jews. It's fine.. We've been hated by much better haters than you.. Yet, after 6,000 years, we're still around. So, hate away, if it makes you feel better..


Hootie(425) Disputed
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Yes, we know you hate Jews

Boring. Judiasm is factually racist, regardless of anybody's feelings towards Jews. Wasn't it YOU who spent days opening debates about how the right uses "whataboutism" as a weapon? You're a stupid, obnoxious little hypocrite buddy.