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It's just harmless gossip It's a disgrace
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Juicy Campus -- entertaining or awful?

Juicy Campus (

It's just harmless gossip

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It's a disgrace

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There's nothing here that you can't find on craigslist or message boards. It's just getting them all together in a place where people can find them. It'd be worse if they were searchable by place and topic, but still, nothing new.

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Lindsey(25) Disputed
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I see your point, but do you think Juicy Campus is worse because it's completely anonymous? At least with other message boards you have some sort of name that people can track your opinions with.

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I'm kind of torn on this one. On one hand, a lot of the comments aren't very serious, but on the other hand, it's pretty scary to see what people will say when they know it's anonymous. Overall, I'd say it's not such a good idea. I know I wouldn't want to show up on it!

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