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Of course!!! No, mainstream media suffices
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Julian Assange launches new t.v. show, will you be watching?

Julian Assange's long awaited t.v. show "The World Tomorrow"will be launched this Tuesday the 17th of April on Russia Today. Many within global media have speculated as to why Assange chose RT, he explained by saying:

"A lot of the things that we have been trying to report have not been carried accurately in the mainstream press. There are many, many fine exceptions but when we look at international networks there’s really only two that are worth speaking about, and that’s RT and Al Jazeera."

A spokesperson for RT had the following to say:

"RT is rallying a global audience of open-minded people who question what they see in mainstream media and we are proud to premiere Julian Assange's new project," Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan said in a statement on the television network's website.

"We provided Julian a platform to reach the world and gave him total editorial freedom. He is absolutely the right person to bring alternative opinions to our viewers around the globe."

At the very least the show promises to be provocative, and probably very revealing. In my opinion this is a definite must see for anyone who likes their news to be truthful, and not simply pander to their primitive predjudices, or reinforce their small minded views on how the world works.

Of course!!!

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No, mainstream media suffices

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I'll try and find someway to watch it, but I'll make sure I think of the source whilst watching it. He'll be expected to talk about something really controversial, and he may just push that a little further than he would normally, but whatever it is, it'll definitely be interesting, and more truthful than 99% of what we see normally.

Also, if he likes Al Jazeera, hopefully he'll be doing something here too, they were recently criticized for being a bit too government friendly, probably a good way to get away from that. Should be pretty exciting :)

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"Also, if he likes Al Jazeera, hopefully he'll be doing something here too, they were recently criticized for being a bit too government friendly, probably a good way to get away from that."

Yes, I've been watching Al Jazeera english regularly for the past few years and I noticed a distinct change in their programming right around the time of the intervention in Libya, it was clear that the station was losing its objectivity as it was taking sides in a way it had previously- then slowly but surely my suspicions were confirmed, first their director general Wadah Khanfar stepped down after he was linked to the CIA via wikileaks cables. Then there was the fact that the US administration, which once called them a terrorist news network, began praising their ground-breaking coverage.

Ever since the Syrian conflict started it has become patently obvious that the Qatari royal family have drastically changed the stations editorial policy, however, when it comes to coverage of global issues they're still probably the best network available, although most of the European Networks (i.e. BBC, France 24, Euronews) are also quite good on issues with which they have no vested interests.

Just in case any americans read this, american mainstream media is laughable, all your mainstream networks are pathetic, they are caricatures of a real news networks, I'd sooner watch Press TV or CCTV, they're still more objective than Fox.

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It's worth remembering that the director general is a member of the Qatari royal family. And considering that Qatar (the Emir/royal familiy) has been extremely involved in the liberation of the Middle East over the last year or so, it's not surprising that Al Jazeera is used to further their cause. Personally I agree with what they're saying, but I still wish they could remain more objective.

That's the problem with such state control, with such powerful individuals. They might have the best intentions, which the Emir definitely does, but nothing can be trusted as being objective, and he is just as imperfect as any other human being.

And I feel most decent news sources tend to be pretty good where they have no vested interests, unfortunately that rules out all American media, as a large percentage of the consumer base has questionable ideas on a lot of issues, I would say.

Al Jazeera's still one of the best, and I do think it will do something to try and regain legitimacy, but it's not what it used to be.

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