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... scary.

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U kno this guy is only 14? That's incredible.... Makes me think, we receive a really shitty education here in the U.S., I'm considered a very intelligent person in my community and my college, I am on the Dean's list and an student government Senator... This kid makes me look like a retard.

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*a, damn iPhone auto correct. Anyone kno how to turn off auto-correct on the iphone4?

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure US public education is better than UK public education. My school is situated in what is best described as the armpit of society, where the kid's main aspirations are to "sit at home and smoke weed all day" (I quote that).

Though I suppose the US has its rough patches too.

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It can be very similar here, too, depending on the area. I live in California, they have legalized marijuana for "medical" purposes... Basically all u need is a headache to get stoned. The schools r horrible here, I've heard that our college actually serve as an intermediary school, so the average American, with no college education, is most likely significantly less educated than our European counterparts.

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The percentage of totally incompetent people is extremely high, as well. It is so rare that employers have a hard time even finding someone competent enough to do manual labor (loading boxes, line assembly, ect.). I know a couple of people who are not even fully literate, who have graduated high school. The schools just care about volume and testing, only what effects their jobs, paychecks and subsidies.

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Ahhh... The beard is a nice touch.