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 Just a farewell and some dirt (23)

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Just a farewell and some dirt

For the record I was sincere aout debating, I just also liked to mess around and exploit controversy every now and then but I know the rules so I'm out, here's my other accounts, and here's all the info I would or was going to debate with if anyone wants it.

Here's my names:



Ismiala (really had a ball on that one, LOL)




And Obviouslly Querbert and Quocalimar

It's been fun, and I'm kind of sorry.

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2 points

Waw hang on. Why are you leaving? You're one of the last serious debaters.

Come back. Everyone makes mistakes. I deserved for you to pick on my cuz I was being a bitch. Im committed to a drama free lifestyle. I miss you.

1 point

Well... this is awkward...

Jc41218(1558) Disputed
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GuitarGuy(6096) Disputed
3 points

I wish you'd leave.

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It seems like a lot of people are leaving this site. I am still staying.

Jc41218(1558) Disputed
1 point

How come?

Srom(12206) Disputed
1 point

I am still going to be on here but once school starts I am cutting down my time on here. I will visit during the weekends or so but I won't be on as much when school starts.

Sitara(11082) Disputed
1 point

Not me. fuck this website. I wish I had never signed up. This place is worse than SodaHell. .

Atrag(5567) Disputed
2 points

You say you're leaving every few days. You're hoping someone will beg you to stay again?

I dont really give a shit. So many people make false accounts for fun and as long as theyre not harmfull extensively it isnt a problem. It think you should stay just knock it off. Nobody hates you for it and you had the guts to apologize. youre cool in my book

1 point

are you too a fake account Qualimar ???

1 point

You know, it's not like you can't just pop in now and again.