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 Just watched the PETA ad for vegetarianism..... (6)

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Just watched the PETA ad for vegetarianism.....

Just watched the PETA ad for vegetarianism, how eating veg is good for you, killing animals is evil, equal treatment for animals and people etc. I'm sure you get the idea.

Anyway, I have a question for the masses,

If we all become vegetarians, what happens to all the cows, pigs, chickens, ducks etc, etc. I will not pay for cows to be fed if i can't eat them, will you? And i assume the grazing lands will have to planted to feed all the new veg eaters.

If PETA has it's wish will they not be responsible for many species to become extinct? I would rather be guilty of eating meat, as we are omnivores anyway, than be guilty of multiple counts of genocide.

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I always thought PETA was spelled PITA, "Pain In The A$$" ;)

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Ilmbo... this will now be forever my new definition for PITA/PETA

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Think of it this way: Not eating meat is a choice. Eating meat is an instinct.

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Well, if vegetarianism was propagated, cows would still be needed for milk, and chickens for eggs.

And if veganism was propagated, animals would still be needed for animal testing.

If PETA stopped everything, even animal testing, then the animals would still not go extinct, because a virus would wipe out mankind, to which we could create no cure, thus allowing animals of all varieties to grow into the human wastelands we left behind.

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You are already an accomplice to genocide as you have defined it. Animals are being killed in mass quantities to supply a demand to which you are contributing.

Even if everyone in the world were to become vegetarian, which is already a fantastically unlikely hypothetical, it would not happen in a single day. It would happen gradually. The demand for meat would drop every year, prompting farmers to breed a smaller portion of their animals, until their herds eventually began to die out and slaughterhouses began to close.

Wild populations of cattle and pigs exist. Additionally, some people do keep them just because they like them. Possibly, if their numbers were to dwindle enough, some zoos would make room for them. They would not be nearly as prolific but they would not disappear.

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While I agree with your disdain for PETA, any group that believes an animal should be treated the same as a human is insane, especially given more humans starve to death every year than pigs or chickens,

Economically you don't have much of an argument though. People would still eat, they would just eat something else, shifting the industries which sell food, not eliminating them.

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