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Because he is stupid Regretted his actions
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Just wondering: Why the hell did that ''Danny'' confess?

Because he is stupid

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Regretted his actions

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To take the heat off of any of his other alt accounts.

If everyone thinks that those are his only alt accounts....

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i still don't understand the point though. why did they make so many accounts? i don't understand that at all. there's not much you can do around CD to help yourself.

they'll probably only win the snappies this year. so that could be one possibility. :/

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I'll tell you. There is this syndrome called No Life. It makes people to stupid unnecessary things to keep them busy, because they don't want to face the ugly reality that they don't have a life.

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i think i see what you mean. ;)

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Because I figured his ass out! I've been doing a lot of bragging lately... have you seen my debate that triggered all this?

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Yeah I saw it.

But see - Lizzie was ''the most respected and loved'' user on this site. If he had logged onto her profile, and denied everything, everyone would have taken her side.

So if he wanted to keep playing, he could've.

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Then I would of had to post links to all the evidence proving she's full of shit.

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I heard Srom revealed it for him.

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Querbert(204) Disputed
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maybe srom is him! dun dun dun

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Srom(12206) Disputed
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No I am not. I wouldn't make those other accounts.

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