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Justifiable Torture

A cast iron bull with a human body inside of it being slowly burned alive.

When is torture justified if ever? Is there a need or reason or even a right for one human to torture another human for any purpose what so ever?


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Only yes because the brazen bull is fucking cool.

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Oh I don't know, someone is about to blow up the twin towers, it would have worked there.

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Doherty95(299) Disputed
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Evidence received under torture is unreliable, people will say anything, whether true or not to stop it.

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Quocalimar(6469) Clarified
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I don't yet have a side, but what you described I don't think counts completely as a reason it's unjustifiable, more of a reason that it's not guaranteed to work.

And on that, I Do agree. During the McCarthy era, families were tortured with the idea of their families or themselves being incarcerated for being Communists, and to avoid that torture they did just as you said, and folded. They told on other people, they didn't care as much about claiming they were Communists.

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America is for the fair treatment of humans all around the world, they generally want world peace. I think that's the a reason it may be considered unjustifiable.

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sayyad99(773) Disputed
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So lets say a terrorist planted a bomb in an unknown location and it is likely that the explosion of such bomb will involve thousands of deaths. You as a police officer is interrogating the suspect who refuses to give you information and he is your only source of information. Would you resort to torture to save the lives of thousands and possibly millions?

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Quocalimar(6469) Disputed
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Although I personally wouldn't i can't even stand to hit a person in the face, i think the government would. But as another debater said, the person could easily lie to avoid torture.

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Torture is cruel and inhumane punishment and it should be banned everywhere.

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