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Justification of nuclear weaponry

A heavy topic existent around many debates is the idea of nuclear weaponry. This debate boils down to the justification of nuclear weaponry, and if it should be abolished or remain as status quo.


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Status Quo

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It's stupidity to have them but so is war and that never stopped us did it?

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Status Quo.

First of all, Russia, China, US, Pakistan, India, etc will not give up their nuclear armory completely, period.

Secondly, nuclear weapons have stopped more wars than start them. The obvious downside of this is that if two of these nations go to war, they can be faced with the possibility of a nuclear war.

In a perfect world, nuclear weapons would be outlawed. But then so would war and we wouldn't need them in the first place.

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Why abolish them? If 2 groups feel strongly enough about something to use nukes, let them. Last man standing wins ;)

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