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There's only one real thing we can do. The impurities, the people who aren't perfect- the Atheists, the Muslims, the non-Caucasians, the homosexuals
I know a vast number of you here agree with me, so, brethren, what say you? Join me in purging the world of the decadent, the weak, the sinners, all those who blaspheme in Our sweet Lord Jesus Christ and the sacred Bleeding hearts of Joseph and Mary in our Lords Eternal Glory in Paradise.

Imprison them, torture them, burn them at the stake, in the name of our merciful, kind, benevolent saviour.

C'mon now, I know a lot of you out there find this tempting... Oh, and might I add a great big Heil God! 

And for anyone out there who's thinking of saying anything liberal, or un-Christian, well you can go to Hell. I am right, and you all know I am, and I shall ban you if you disagree, because that is clearly the right thing to do. What, you don't think I am being sincere? We'll see come judgement day won't we! 

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Well this is clearly satire (unless your Fred Phelps) I don't think a lot of Christians do that..............

Jungelson(3931) Disputed
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And I don't think Fred Phelps does that either (anymore..) ;)

an asteroid, plagues, earthquakes and floods and famine will come soon enough calm down, youre no different than anyone else youll be gone too

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Christians shouldn't force people to believe in Christ because that's not what Christ taught. We're supposed to be loving and kind to others. If we kill people who don't believe in our God that's going to make us look bad.

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No one has the right to force anyone to believe anything. free will, remember?

Srom(12202) Disputed
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Christ did say that we're supposed to spread the Gospel and it's only if the person is willingly wanting to accept Christ into their life. If the person doesn't want to hear about the Gospel or talk about it then we respect their decision and move onward. Free will also have nothing to do with forcing anyone to believe.

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i thought you dont believe in free will

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He meant "shouldn't". He has updated it. He didn't mean it.

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Christians should force people to believe in Christ because that's not what Christ taught.

I think you meant to say Christians should not. That's why Dana chimed in.

Srom(12202) Clarified
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I was thinking way too fast when I was typing that's probably why I said "should" instead of shouldn't.

AngryGenX(463) Disputed
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Jesus answered, "My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom. If it were, my followers would fight to keep me from being handed over to the Jewish leaders. But my Kingdom is not of this world." - John 18:36

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Your Bible verses mean BS to me...

Jc41218(1559) Disputed
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Was that their real website? I hope that it was a fake parody website to prevent those cookies and history off my computer.

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Why would an omnipotent God need us to kill people on his behalf?

TheFinest(6) Disputed
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Your Christian correct? The Bible contains examples of God ordering the people of the country of Israel to drive out or kill people for certain offenses.

Here is a good list.

Supporting Evidence: Link to Capital Crimes In Torch (
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^ Nice work...

For future reference, I'm not as inane as I was when I first wrote this debate xD

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Well that's kawaii.

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One problem with this way of thinking, what you described as being perfect individuals, are the minority. Their is very few people who think this way in the world, or fit this criteria, and the number is dwindling. If a white, Christian, Heterosexual rampage began to root itself in the world, it would quickly be snuffed out, by the higher number of non white, non Christian, homosexuals and heterosexuals who also don't fir the criteria.

Note I'm aware of the satire, but my point remains true.