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Kaepernick and NIKE are just in it for the money

Let that sink in

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He donates it to charity

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Think about what this means. We now have businesses who have sunk to such a point that they are willing to use activists, disrespecting our nation's flag, in their ad campaigns.

They are no longer worried about the millions of patriotic Americans they have offended. This means they are using pure political America bashing to sell their products! They have trashed what our nation stands for to grab the anti America millennial dollars.

This is sick and shows the mentality of those running Nike. I will refrain from buying their products. I hope millions of other Americans do the same and send a message to any business that would stoop so low.

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It honestly is sick--in my opinion, of course. Also, sort of amazing they would choose Kaepernick for his "sacrifice" rather than Pat Tillman, for instance.

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Obviously. If Nike believed they would lose money for their shareholders (although they have lost a few points), they would not have made this highly controversial move.

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