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Bwahahahaha! Civil Rights god anyway
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Kaepernick says he'll stand for Anthem if he can get his job back


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Civil Rights god anyway

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The man who pissed of a nation of patriotic Americans, cost the NFL tens of millions, and now admits he'd reverse his stand if someone - anyone would again pay him millions to play football.

Yet the true cowards are the NFL team owners, who spinelessly give in to their own multimillionaire employees and at the same time won't give poor old Kaepernick a job.

Truly amazing.

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He probably pissed all of his money away and now is desperate for income.

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As we see, money is always more important than even their hatred for America. They are phonies who care for nothing but themselves.

All these Liberal jokes who threatened to leave America if Trump won, are still here living off America's wealth.

None of them leave to live in their so called European Sociaist utopia.

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The world is a cruel place at times, sometimes you gotta give before you take.

I respect him for giving up his ego and pride a little bit in order to do what he loves.

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