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She's calling the shots. Joe the Cabin Boy.
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Mongele(210) pic

Kamala Harris says she and Joe are ready to multitask.

Does her statement really mean that she and her side kick will be able to make a mess of even more things Trump?

She's calling the shots.

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Joe the Cabin Boy.

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I wonder if Joe knows anything about her plans for him.

She'll be like a niggling wife except instead of nagging him to cut the grass she'll be browbeating him to sell the sixth fleet to Mexico at a knock down price.

Side: She's calling the shots.
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Have you had your head examined lately? I think it's cracked. !

Side: She's calling the shots.
Mongele(210) Clarified
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Hey, boy, that was was such a profound retort.

I'm wonderstruck at your literary genius.

Do you mind if I use some of your awesome stuff on other forums?

Side: She's calling the shots.
AlofRI(3259) Clarified
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Be my guest. I'm against illiteracy so if I can help you in that way, I'd be proud to do it. ;-)

Side: She's calling the shots.

We should start calling her Kamala-whackala ;)

Side: Joe the Cabin Boy.
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Can't be the fall guy if he's not the big guy.

Side: Joe the Cabin Boy.
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Joe ''the cabin boy will sit quietly in the corner'' and do the crossword.

Side: Joe the Cabin Boy.
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Joe can hardly get his fucking shoes on by himself. Kamala's ready to multitask (read: fuck you in every hole, make new holes, and fuck those new holes too) but between her and Biden, she's the only one.

Which is exactly why Biden will be unceremoniously dumped at a nursing home a few months in.

Side: Joe the Cabin Boy.