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Kanye West doesn't care about black people.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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He's one of the 1% ;)

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marcusmoon(577) Clarified
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(He's one of the 1% ;)

How is his income connected to his concern for others?

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Mingiwuwu(1446) Clarified
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He only has so much by not giving it away.

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This whole debate is about a cultural reference. Here is some reference background.

There is also an image of George Bush with the quote, "Kanye West doesn't care about black people."

And now there's this image ;) 2018/04/tf4j6airfhu01.jpg

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Bust a ni## head and then I lay low,

These ni##as' ass-water, get the Drano.

Like I don't owe nobody... I guess I don't!
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Why should he care about Black people any more than White, or Brown people? Furthermore, who cares what Kanye cares about?

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Near as I can tell, Kanye West actually does care about black people, which is why he supports Trump.

That is clearly indicated in his "self victimization is a disease" tweets, his support for Candace Owens and her empowerment message.

People who want better lives have to make their lives better. The poor-me, and I-am-a-victim-of... mindset is self-defeating.

Kanye and others have been pointing out that this sickness of self victimization is basic to the message the Democrat party and the left consistently tell black people they are supposed to think.

This is why Owens and Kanye decry the Democrat party and leftist academic and Hollywood thought police.

If we want people to have better lives, telling them to stop blaming, and to start working with a positive mindset is a kind thing to do. So is telling them that the Democrats don't own them, their political views, and their votes.

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Of course, of course, The Democrats don't own them, Trump and his KKK-descendant gang of racist bigoted 1%ers are what should own their vote instead. :)

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DarthPrime(37) Disputed
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The Democrats created the KKK and fought the Republicans to keep slavery. Not much has changed.

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outlaw60(15375) Disputed
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Lacking of history shows how stupid you really are !

Don't know much do you Dummy

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