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"Communism was a terrible idea that went perfectly right" -Ben Shapiro

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foratag(258) Banned
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Yes, if you are a lazy, worthless piece of shit who believes everyone owes you everything!

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Brylos(70) Disputed Banned
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Good god it saddens me that someone has such a stupid opinion.

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seanB(959) Disputed Banned
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I always have to laugh at people who present arguments like this. Communism as per Das Kapital promotes the idea that work for the benefit of one's fellow human and community is the highest form of social piety. It instills ideas of charity, self-sufficiency and communal responsibility far more than individualistic capitalist culture does, and it approaches the ideas of commodification and valuation from a much more altruistic place.

I doubt that anybody who makes arguments as ignorant as this has ever read Das Kapital, and honestly, I'm fairly certain such a person wouldn't really have the intellectual capacity to understand it anyway.

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