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She sang the lyrics. She should not have.
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Kendrick Lamar fiasco, why is this an issue?

During a show Kendrick Lamar pulled a white woman on the stage and had her sing the lyrics to Mad City which has that racially charged N word in it.  As she sang it, at his encouragement mind you, she got destroyed by the crowd. He stopped her, tried again, she sang it again and he got her off the stage.
As far as I'm concerned, he kind of set her up to fail.  That word is IN his song, he may have a primarily black audience but if he pulls someone white on the stage and ask them to sing a song HE wrote with a word in it he KNOWS charges emotions, that's on him.  So why are people freaking out over it?  Would you say it's racism that a white person can't sing a song, at the request of the singer, that has the N word in it?

She sang the lyrics.

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She should not have.

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Kendrick dumbar was looking for an excuse to virtue signal. If you ask me he is just another no talent jizz bucket who doesn't deserve anyone's recognition. But alas, this is what happens when people who say "nigga" every five seconds are propelled to a monetary and cultural status far beyond their true worth. The whole purpose of bringing that stupid bitch on stage was to point out the fact that she said a certain set of syllables that are part of the song in the first place and virtue signal about why white people can't make certain sounds with their mouth or they are racist, regardless of the intent behind them. Kendrick Lamar is a dick, and she is a stupid cunt for listening to him.

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