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 Kenya's President says gays have no rights (7)

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Kenya's President says gays have no rights

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It's no surprise to me, really. All of the Christian preachers made missions to African countries and destroyed their diversity of opinions. So don't blame Kenya, blame Columbus.

Goblin6(210) Disputed
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Sounds like you're blaming Obama's stupidity on Columbus

mrcatsam(612) Disputed
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No, I'm not. I know the Americans say "Assumin' makes an Ass outta yew an' me."

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That PROVES IT! TRUMP IS FROM KENYA, He's NOT an American citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

AlofRI(3161) Clarified
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Sorry, I don't do youtube .. to many Russkies ………………... ;-)

He did not say Gays have no rights. He said every Kenyan is protected from abuse or harm no matter if they are Gay or not.

He said this LGBT activism effects society as a whole and that their people and society will not be forced to cater to every desire of activists.

He said 99% of Kenyan's do not want to be forced to cater to the demands of activist groups. These sexual orientations are not something the people want to sanction as being natural or normal.